Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance in the provision of building installation services is based on technical know-how, the meticulous organization of the services provided and our dedicated, specialized personnel. The professional team and the structure of a project is as follows: 

Project leader

  • Provide a single contact and accountability to the client's designated team
  • Report to client the overall progress of works
  • Timely report possible obstacles (documentation discrepancies, hidden structural considerations)
  • Ensure safety in the completion of the works
  • Time schedule prompt execution
  • Organize meetings with the client’s team for the determination and finalization of control narratives and energy monitor and targeting objectives.
  • Submit finance and payment reports

 Senior Systems Engineer 

  • Responsible for the overall system design and technical implementation
  • Control algorithms and system narratives design
  • Energy targeting and monitoring objective
  • Network design
  • Outstation installation and design
  • Documentation guidelines
  • Commissioning and technical acceptance responsibility
  • Final handover and training management

Systems Engineer

  • Shop drawings submittals
  • Electrical connection diagrams
  • Calibration of field equipment
  • Point to point checking
  • Control Enclosure design and supervision


  • Ordering and purchasing
  • Material delivery according to projects time table
  • Prepare finance and payment reports