Factory floor - Next Solar

The project concerns the control of air conditioning and ventilation in the production line and other areas of the photovoltaic panel factory Next Solar at Tripolis. The BMS also controls lighting, electrical substation and auxiliary EM equipment, such as drainage and sewage pumping stations.

The installation conforms to the strict specifications of the overpressure condition and relative humidity in the production areas. The end products of the plant are Panels of Thin Film technology. The process requires clean area conditions- with low tolerance in over pressure, temperature and relative humidity conditions.

The central system controls  AHUs, positioning the inverter of  discharge and return fans in order to achieve  the necessary design specifications.

The installed central control system Honeywell Excel 5000 covers 1750 control points and consists of:

  •  Controllers and module I /O mounted in 18 Remote Control Centers
  • Integration devices Lonworks for the substation
  • Control devices of temperature, pressure, relative humidity, level, CO2, NOx
  • AHU Valves and motors
  • Full monitoring station SymmetrE