ELPE installation in Aspropyrgos

The project refers to the industrial facilities of Hellenic Petroleum Refinery at Aspropyrgos. The task is to control the specific air conditioning of the building and the substations of Hellenic Petroleum.

The EM equipment of the air conditioning serves the workplaces and the meeting rooms of the personnel, and critical installations such as control room, data centers, control panel rooms.  Concerning the areas of the personnel, the specifications include special provisions, ventilation processes and protection against gas leakage.

The BMS controls  the temperature and relative humidity setpoints, special filters monitoring, and overpressure in selected areas. Special algorithms have been developed concerning the integration of the central control system with SCADA systems of Hellenic Petroleum and GAS FIRE detection amd the seuencing of exrtaction fans in various alarms scenarios. The installation of the central control system was design according to strict industrial standards that Hellenic Petroleum require for each system that is installed in their facilities. Departments of the central control system were constructed under explosion proof  standards.

The communication network of the central control system intercopnnecting the BMS controllers is developed in the HELPE's  fiber optic network. The management is achieved by the monitoring station in the Main Control Building (MCB) where the rest of the central systems are also located .

The Honeywell central control system covers 1850 control points and consists of:

  • Controllers BACNET and module I/ O located in 9 buildings
  • Provisions integration BACNET with the roof top (Carrier & Interklima)
  • Temperature, pressure, relative humidity level, wind speed, pressure differential, air quality, gas leak Controls etc.
  • Valves and AHU Motors
  • Damper actuator
  • Integrated monitoring station SymmetrE