Residense in Ekali


Residence at Ekali

The project concerns the installation of a comprehensive control system for heating, air conditioning, lighting, blinds and audiovisual distribution in a 3000 m² residence in Ekali, Attica.

The installation controls the following subsystems:

  • Lighting and blinds. LonWorks network with Gira design nodes handling applications and scenarios according to the architectural lighting requirements and the user’s habits.
  • The air conditioning and heating targets are achieved through a two-pipe FCU system using LonWorks network with nodes FCU controller Honeywell Centraline XL10. The control of the FCUs, as well as, their scenarios is achieved ​​through Gira LonWorks nodes.
  • Hot water plant control (boiler, pool heat exchangers, pumps and domestic hot water) control, using a BMS and Honeywell’s Excel Web controllers,
  • Chilled water plant monitoring. Integration with the chillers’ Lonworks sequencing controls.
  • Audio distribution. Zones and audio sources distribution, such as ipod, and radio, through audio switch Autopatch. Control is achieved via RS232 interface and controller AMX Netlinx.
  • Visual distribution. Video sources such as satellite TV, blu-ray, CCTV and Intercom, are distributed to end terminals in HMDI quality, through a network of UTP Cat 6 wiring. The distribution of the HDMI signal is achieved via TCP IP through a Dell managed Ethernet switch.

Control of the above mentioned subsystems is achieved through special AMX Touch Panels and through IPAD.