Unisystems facilities

Unisystems’ facilities at Tauros:

The facilities of Unisystems at Tauros host one of the largest, most reliable and secure data centers in Greece. The infrastructure and operating procedures ensure 99.99% availability. The data center consists of the servers’ farm room, the UPS room and other auxiliary areas. The strict quality standards, as well as, the relevant regulations, require the installation of a reliable central control system.

 The installed central control system monitors the following sections:

  •  Operating mode of 450 electric circuit breakers through auxiliary contacts.
  • Temperature and relative humidity in the UPS and server rooms.
  • Circuit breaker status and electric measurements of the substation.
  • Integration via Modbus protocol of the Gen Set control system.
  • Alarms and status of UPS units.
  • Alarms and status of internal close control air conditioning units.
  • Water-leakage detection.
  • Monitoring security systems and fire fighting.
  • Levels of oil tanks.

The central control system is monitored 24x7 by specially configured displays at the operational center of the data center and is one of the most useful tools for the management and service of the facilities.

 The central control system Honeywell Excel 5000 covers 2500 control points and consists of:

  • Controllers and module I/O located in specified compartments on switchboards.
  • Modbus integration  devices for the Gen Set control system.
  • Instruments of Temperature control, relative humidity and oil tank level.
  • Complete monitoring station SymmetrE.