Elinogermaniki Agogi

Ellinogermaniki Agogi is located in Pallini, with a Campus that includes classrooms, sports facilities, theater and swimming pool. The dedication of the school in providing total quality services, requires facilities that will facilitate the development of the educational work. Sharing this vision, Controline SA built and supports the central control system , in compliance with the demanding specifications required by the school's management .

The BMS controls the EM equipment of each building. The air conditioning of the classrooms, the heating of the swimming pool, the lighting, the  oil and water tanks and the pumping stations are all controlled by the central control system. A case specific design has been formulated for the development of the BMS network at the Campus to allow the monitoring of the facilities from different stations.

The central control system is Honeywell Excel 5000, covers 1300 control points and consists of: 

  • Four monitoring stations. Symmetre touch PC
  • Controllers and module I/O located in 8 panels
  • Lonworks integration for the substation
  • Temperature, pressure, relative humidity, level, διαφορικής πίεσης and luminance controls.
  • Valves and AHU motors