Energy Monitoring

The service aims towards the creation of a record and evaluation mechanism of energy consumption in a building. It comprises a valuable tool for the financial and technical management of energy saving and contributes in quantifiable results.

This service is based in the simple, yet fundamental premise that you cannot manage what has not been calculated and quantified.


 The initial stage of this application is the inspection and recording in order to determine the energy consuming resources of the building (i.e. air conditioning, heating, lighting, etc.), as well as, the relevant quantified parameters (kwh, hours of operation, external temperature, etc.). The data base of energy consumption becomes available after the completion of the above mentioned and the installation of specific configurations for calculating energy consumption. What follows is the recording and processing of data, which are then analyzed in graphical representations. With the completion of the above, the first basic conclusions are drawn, which in turn become the point of reference.

Those involved in the procedures of energy saving evaluate and translate the results of the reports, as well as any deviations from the set goals. The interpretation is qualitative and requires specific knowledge of habits and practices of energy saving. With the completion of every cycle of measurements all future goals are optimized.