Aigaion Oil Tank Farm in Alexandroupoli

The project is a fire alarm system at the tank farm facilities and fuel distribution of Aegean Oil at Alexandroupolis. The facilities include oil and gasoline tanks, pump stations, hydraulic transmission network, firefighting network and building facilities.

Special design and construction care has been taken at the equipment located within the zone of the anti-explosive environment. The field materials, cable conduits and the panels of distributed modules are all of anti-explosive type.

Fuel tanks are monitored through specific flame detectors  (Sharpey UV / IR ) industrial type.

The detectors are highly reliable and include advanced verification algorithms concerning the event of flame occurrence and fault signal in case of turbidity or other failure. The roofs of the tanks are monitored by explosion-proof heat detectors of mechanical type.  The fire alarm system acts on foam extinguishing system and the hydraulic network firefighting according to the complex algorithm and the demanding security standards required by employers.