PV Park Telemetry


Controline SA has developed a standardized application adapted to the needs of remote monitoring of the photovoltaic parks substations. The application meets the following needs of the parks:

  • Online monitoring of the operating parameters of the substation through a web server.
  • Circuit breaker status of low and medium voltage and electricity consumption
  • Operating status of auxiliary UPS
  • Dry contacts indicating fan status and alarm
  • Status of fire detection system
  • Intrusion system status
  • Transformers warning and trip alarm
  • Low oil pressure alarm
  • Temperature transformers compartments
  • Temperature low voltage compartment
  • Temperature medium voltage compartment
  • External temperature
  • Pyranometer (solar radiation measurement)
  • Solar panel temperature
  • Electrical field measurment MV (Modbus)
  • Electrical field measurment LV(Modbus)
  • Electric field park's consumption (Modbus)
  • Electrical measurment UPS (Modbus)

Depending on the availability and speed requirements, the web connection can be either wireless 3G, wired ADSL, or leased circuit. Logging of data history and file creation of selected parameters, such as, electric current measurements, temperatures and external conditions. This option provides the user with primary information for statistical analysis and the detailed evaluation of the performance of the park.

Telecommunication alarm through e-mail. The application offers special provision for setting alarm limits concerning the change of status of a contact (e.g. trip of medium voltage or fan thermal alarm) or the excess of the measurement range of a sensor (e.g. temperature sensors