We present a consistent record of business coming from new and repeat customers. Our building automation technology is installed in more than 150 commercial office buildings, industrial plants, critical mission facilities, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, government complexes, hospitality/entertainment venues and retail locations. Our customers range from small, family-owned businesses to industry leaders.

Armani Show room at Vas. Sofias str.

Athens Heart Shopping center

Planetarium Eugenides Foundation

Biomed Code Hellas-research center at Vari


Office buildings Hermes ParkShopping Mall

Carefour Marinopoulos Data Center at Alimos

Carenta AE store building at Maroussi

Christel Real Estate art museum at Kifissia

Deloitte building at Maroussi

Elpedison facilities ΦΑ to Thisvi

Ericson office buildings at Attiki Odos

Euphoria Hotel Borovec

Eurobank cards office building at Taurus

Eurobank offices at Petmeza str

Euromedica hospital at Corfu

Public financial Service of Korinthos

E.KE.PIS. Offices at Constantinople

Factory Outlet at El. Venizelos airport

Factory Outlet Fire Detection El.Venizelos airport

GAP pharmaceutical production areas

Henkel offices and warehouses at Taurus

HOL POPS nationwide fiber optic network

ICAP office buildings at Kallithea

 Infoquest office building at Kallithea

KGDI law firm in Athens

Leroy Merlin at El.Venizelos airport

LOREAL office buildings at Nea Ionia

Next Solar factory Photovolitaic in Tripoli

OMIKRON Group office buildings at Gerakas

Parking Office Microsoft

Parking at Heraklion

Peireus Bank at Sofia

Royal Bank of Scotland building in Piraeus

Super Market Sklavenitis at Kallithea

Unisystems data center at Taurus

Village Center Redi

Vivacom Tower at Sofia

Aigaion Oil Tak Facilities at Alexandroupolis

Depot of Thermal Bus Company at Anthousa

Headquarters of Fire Department at Halandri

Parking of Attiko Metro Station at Haidari

Attiko Metro Station at Aigaleo

Attiko Metro Station Elaionas

ΒΜW Hellas warehouse at Aspropyrgos

Volos General Hospital

General Hospital of Kavala

Germanos building stores in Piraeus

Lamda offices in Maroussi

Offices of Water Supply and Sewerage at Acharnes

Delta Dairy in Taurus

Municipal swimming pool OF Alexandroupolis

Public financial Service of Ag Anargiroi

Public financial Service of Stavroupolis

E.KE.VE Fleming at Vari

Facilities AHK at Mari of Cyprus

Refineries in Piros Parapeiros

Edrasi-Psallidas office building in Peania

National bank office buildings in Athinon Avenue

National Printing Office

Ellinogermaniki Education in Pallini

Hellenic Petroleum facilities in Aspropyrgos

Mall Cursor Vouliagmenis Avenue

Shopping center in Pallini

Country house Milies in Pelion


Theodorou Automation factory

Theatre Irene Papas

Ianos bookshop in Athens

IBM computer room office

Kakogiannis Foundation in Taurus

Hierophant SA Cultural Centre in Gazi

IKEA in Sofia

Residence - Loft at Ermou str

Residence at Orpheus str in Ekali

Residence at Pondou str in Politia

Residence at Dionysus str in Kifissia

Residence Isminis str in Ekali

Residence Street Calamus Ekali

Residence in progress at Rigillis str in Athens

Residential at Proteos str in Dionysus

Residence at Lagonisi

Residence at Samara str in Psihiko

Central Suburban Railway station at El.Venizelos

Rehabilitation Center in Kalamata

Gymnasium in Heraklion

Office building ΕΚΤΟΝΟΝ

Intensive Care Unit of Evaggelismos Hospital

Museum Victoria cars in Athens

Prefecture of Samos

General Hospital of Corfu

General Hospital of Kefalonia

Hotel Aldiana in Cyprus

Athens Gate Hotel in Athens

Semiramis Hotel in Kifissia

Oncology Hospital of Ag.Anargiroi

Baseball Olympic facilities in Elliniko

Hockey Olympic facilities in Elliniko

Hockey Olympic facilities in Elliniko

Olympic Facilities of Panathenaic Stadium

Olympic Village in the area of ​​SELETE

Pegasus Publishing offices in Halandri

Mall Alex Pack at Pallini

Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Psihiko

Embassy residence of Cyprus in Psihiko

Elena Hospital Wing

RAE office buildings in Piraeus str

SEA at Spathovouni

Skopeutis office buildings in Greek

EKAV Station El.Venizelos

EKAV Station El.Venizelos

Apartments in Dionysus

TEI Administration Building


TEI in Kalamata

TEI in Larisa

TOI & MOI office building

TT SA Headquarters in Pesmantzoglou str

TT SA IT center in Piraeus

Ministry of Agricultural Development Center for Loimodon

Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs in Maroussi

F/ V park in Acharnes

Navy frigate Aegean conditioning installation

251 surgeries of General Air Force Hospital

Young Women's Christian Association building hosting in Argiroupolis

Town Hall of Korydalos

IT center of First Data


Telemetry Installation at four P/V 0,5 parks to 1 GWatt in the Industrial Zone of Serres

Ofthamiatrio Athens Eye Hospital

BMS and EMS Installation at CEDEFOP

BMS Installation at Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH) 

Archaeological Museum of  Messara Heraklion Crete

Nursery Schools at St.Anargyroi. Chalandri and Keratea

P/V Station at Giurgiu in Romania

New kindergarden building of HAEF (Athens College) at the Psychiko campus

General Hospital at Volos

Lighting control project at TEI Piraeus

BMS Installation at parking in Kifisia

BMS at Vyronas Municipal Stadium

BMS Installation at port of Patras

Embassy of Canada

Elderly day care center at Spata

Shopping Mall at Korinthos

Branch of National Bank of Greece (NBG ) in Kifissia