Method Statement

Controline SA during large projects is operating in the following procedure ("method statement") which is dynamically adaptable according to the project:


Project Examination and preparation

  • Analysis and design of specifications
  • Preparation of test panels "point-point" '
  • Direct reporting of potential problem areas before project starts
  • Meeting coordination for the final determination of deliverables and timelines
  • Submit sheets of acceptance and receipts.



  • Detailed construction plans
  • Naming rules definition (tagging)
  • Introduction to software configuration
  • Programming of algorithms and operating scenarios
  • Design graphics and sign



  • Supervision for the installation service and wiring field materials
  • Construction supervision of backbone network



The commissioning process shall be undertaken systematically through the following principle stages to meet the requirements of the contract programme:

  • Pre-commissioning and setting to work
  • Point to point testing
  • Field devices calibration
  • System functional operation
  • Setting and adjustment of system variables or control loop values 
  • Fully commission the installed BMS/Controls system once the software and operator's station graphics have been installed on site.
  • The training shall be one day session after system is started up and at least one week before first acceptance test.   Manual will be submitted at least two weeks prior to training so that the owners' personnel can start to familiarize themselves with the system before classroom instruction begins.


Operator instruction shall be done during normal working hours and shall be performed by a competent representative familiar with the system hardware, software and accessories. The training is provided before the final delivery and the acceptance of the system (one week) the relevant manuals are supplied at least one week before the training, so that the operators are prepared.



Closeout Submittals and project Record Documents:

  • Record actual locations of instrumentation and terminal devices.
  • Revise shop drawings to reflect actual installation.
  • Submit Vendor operator, administrator and installation manual for the operator interface
  • A controls schematic for all systems and components, including sensor point designations
  • Submit  project specific operator manual in Greek Language
  • Operation and Maintenance Data:
  • Submit interconnection wiring diagrams, complete field installed systems with identified and numbered, system components and devices.
  • Submit inspection period, cleaning methods, cleaning materials recommended and calibration tolerances.
  • Submit Software Service pack update mechanism and inspection period
  • BMS Trending.
  • Trend data files, for all system points selected.