Patras Facilities

The project concerns the water treatment refinery facilities of  the dam at Peiros and Parapeiros rivers.

Controline SA has undertaken the implementation of the SCADA for pumping equipment, refining, chemical and mechanical treatment and storing of the water. The SCADA is based in  Honeywell HC900 PLC technology. HC900 controllers and their remote I/Os are designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards and provide advanced computer and network services in the demanding environments of industrial applications.

In detail, SCADA controls the following plants of EM equipment:

  • Water lever and main pumping station of non treated water 
  • Turbidity and quick mix of the non treated water
  • Mecahnical  process of flocculation in two tanks
  • Collection, thickening, dehydration and removing of sludge
  • Refining facilities and backwash beds
  • Tank level treated
  • MV substations and LV transformers
  • Chemical treatment and solutions for:
    • polyelectrolytes for flocculation 
    • polyelectrolytes of dehydration of sludge 
    • Aluminum sulphate
    • Sodium Hydrochloride

The SCADA manages 1,500 control points through 14 PLC installed in special compartments in electric panels. The communication network industrial Ethernet developed in MMI fiber optic follows a ring redundant topology. Especially for PLC which are located in the swing bridges of the two flocculation tanks, communication with the rest of the network is achieved through Industrial WiFi.

The field equipment used in the SCADA are:

  • Dosing pumps
  • Inverter
  • Analoig Valve Actuators for needle valves 
  • Turbidity meters
  • PHmeters
  • Water level 
  • Temperature devices
  • Ultrasonic flow meters