Office building in Gerakas

Office building at Gerakas:

The project refers to the creation of a coordinated monitoring mechanism  and assessment of energy measurements in an office building at Gerakas. The aim of the service is the statistical analysis of the measurements, the data logging of energy consumption and more specifically the evaluation of energy- saving actions.

The building is equipped with BMS to control air conditioning and lighting. Energy consumption monitored by BMS is follows:

  • Total electricity consumption through multimeter.
  • Hot water plant including domestic heat water, boilers and underfloor heating .
  • VRV electrical consumption.

The above mentioned service includes:

  • Energy data base creation with a 15 minutes log files history
  • Generation of energy reports concerning the daily variation of electricity consumption- CUSUM analysis, base load, and regression analysis.
  • Quarterly evaluation of data and energy-saving measures assessment such as optimum start/stop of air-conditioning systems, outside air temperature compensation, etc.