Hermes Park Sofia

Hermes Park Sofia

The project is located in Sofia and is one of the largest shopping malls in Bulgaria. Constructed by Terna SA Bulgaria, a subsidiary of GEK-Terna, it includes the "Hermes Park Mall" shopping center and a complex of five office buildings.

The installed BMS extends in a fber optic network and monitors the mall, as well as the five buildings of the complex. The BMS is licended for more than 10000 control points. The construction, management, administration, design and development was performed entirely by Controline’s SA personnel.


The BMS  manages the following critical resources: 

  • AHU public spaces
  • FCU branches
  • Extraction fans and public garage
  • Lighting circuits of public areas and highlighting  
  • Pumping stations monitoring  
  • Monitor and control of Elevators
  • Monitor and control of Escalators
  • Fire damper monitoring
  • Scenarios of fans  and fire damper  
  • Monitoring electrical consumption through substation metering

Special reference is given to the sequencing and full control of six chiller plants which include: 

  • Water-cooled chillers
  • Primary and secondary circuit pumps
  • Two stage cooling towers  

 To installed central control system Honeywell Excel 5000 covers 10,000 control points and consists of:

  • Controllers and module I/O located on 98 Distant Control Centers
  • Integration devices  BACNET for the chillerplant 
  • Integration devices Modbus for the substation equipment and UPS
  • Temperature, pressure, relative humidity and level controls
  • Integrated monitoring station Enterpise Building Integrator.