Kavala General Hospital


The project was constructed by Inso Spa. The installed central control system controls and monitors  critical resources of HVAC, lighting, electrical substation, pumping stations, medical equipment and gas, oil and water tanks.

The field of HVAC includes: 

  • Sequencing control of two chillers through BACNET communication protocol.
  • Three boilers sequencing according to the load needs and the uptime  of each boiler.
  • Seam distribution.
  • Inverter control of secondary circuit pumps on demand, as dictated by the diferential pressure.
  • Control of 36 total AHU of public areas.
  • AHU for clean rooms  Includes the absolute filters control and the overpressure condition assurance on the surgeries area.
  • Special algorithm has been developed for the participation of ventilation fans  in the  fire detection scenarios. The algorithm has been implemented on a consolidation of the central system control with addressable fire detection system via BACNET protocol

The installed BMS is Honeywell Excel 5000 covers 3500 control pounts and consists of: 

  • Controllers and module I/O located in 22 panels
  • Integreation modules  BACNET for chiller system  and fire detection.
  • Integration modules  Modbus of the Substation equipment  
  • Temperature, pressure, relative humidity and level Controls.
  • Valves and AHU motors.
  • Integrated monitoring station SymmetrE

 The central system control is the main tool of the hospital's facility management personell.

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