Marousi Plaza SA

The project concerns the facilities of Deloitte Consulting Firm. The building is a modern, functional and luxurious office complex. The installed system is developed in open networks LonWorks technology and integrates two distinct control areas: 

  • Plant Control: Control center and /or electromechanical equipment
  • Room Control: Room conditions control 

The synergies achieved by the integration of the above mentioned subsystems, enhance the implementation of practices of rational energy use and provide a great monitoring and maintenance tool for the facility management. 

Plant Control is achieved by Centraline Lion and Panther controllers .

Roon control lighting and blinds  is achieved by ELKA modules (Gira, Berker, Jung) . The modules communicate with other control equipment over the LonWorks network. The controls are nodes in a LonWorks network, and are part of the central system control. 

In more details, the control areas of the central control system are:

  • Office lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Blinds-Shades
  • Air Conditioning:
    • Integration with VRV Daikin system provides the central control system with critical information for each indoor unit (or VAM)
    • Provided remote control of roof units setpoints. Possibility of central scheduling
    • LPG Boiler and recirculation pump  control.

Furthermore the follwing plant's statuses and alarms are monitored via dry contacts: 

  • E/M monitoring
  • Access center
  • CCTV installation
  • Security center
  • Fire panel
  • Elevator
  • Escalators
  • Call center
  • P/C area