Patras Museum

The building was constructed by JP-Karagiannis-GETEM and houses the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Patras. The installed central control system controls and monitors critical E/M resources:

  • Lighting of public and external areas
  • Sewage and drainage pumping stations
  • Oil and water tanks

Concerning the electrical substation, LV distribution and gen set , the central control system undertakes the primary management role by participating in the load sheding process in the event of emergency gen set operation. 

The HVAC  field includes:

  • Control of the chiller plant
  • Sequencing of boilers according to the load needs and the uptime of each boiler
  • Dual pumps control for  hot and cold water distribuiton

Concerning the AHU's, a special algorithm has been developed for air quality in exhibits areas. The processed air is monitored and controled according to CO2, SO2, NOx concentration . The AHU units include air washers. The air washer is a specialised device with a spray mist  operating as a filter of contaminants.

 The installed central control system Honeywell Excel 5000 covers 1750 control points and consists of: 

  • Controllers and module I /O mounted in 18 Remote Control Centers
  • Integration devices Lonworks for the substation
  • Control devices of temperature, pressure, relative humidity, level, CO2, NOx
  • AHU Valves and motors
  • Full monitoring station SymmetrE