Bank corporate offices


Office building bank service

The building hosts several administrative departments of the Bank and includes office and staff training areas. The installed BMS controls and monitors critical resources:

  • Outdoor lighting line, public and in the office.
  • Circuit breakers of the substation.
  • Sewage and drainage pumping stations
  • Firefighting unit
  • Data center area. 

The HVAC field includes: 

  • 650 FCU control through Honeywell Excel controllers. FCU management includes in details:
  • Local and central setpoint setting
  • Local and central control FCU fans
  • Temperature control
  • Scheduling
  • Alarm notification
  • Sequencing control of two chillers through BACNET communication protocol.
  • Sequencing control of two boilers according to the load  and the uptime  of each boiler.
  • Secondary circuit pumps control
  • AHU in public areas
  • Loacal AHUs in office and training areas 

The installed central system control Honeywell Excel 5000 covers 2500 control points and consists of: 

  • Controllers and module I/O located in 9 Remote Control Centers
  • FCU Controllers   
  • Intergration modules for BACNET for the chillers 
  • Integration modules for the  Modbus substation’s equipment and UPS
  • Temperature, pressure, relative humidity and level controls.
  • Valves and AHUmotors
  •  SymmetrE  monitoring station